Precision Care Package

Precision Care Package


When you purchase a Precision Pro Golf product, you become part of our golf family. To make your stay enjoyable, we offer the Precision Care Package. It’s full of great benefits to ensure you have an excellent experience.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our products. But if you don’t, we’re not going to stick you with it. If you discover our products aren’t for you, we’ll work to take it back.


Guaranteed Trade-In Allowance

We are always improving and periodically we release new products. If you want to upgrade, we offer 30% off when you trade in your old Precision Pro Golf product. You’re part of the family now.


2-Year Warranty

You paid for the rangefinder, so we’ll cover it. If there are any performance issues, we’ll take care of them quickly and without hassle.


Fast, No Cost Turnaround Time

S@!t happens. Not often, but it happens. If something goes wrong we measure your downtime in days, not weeks. Plus, we pick up all the shipping costs.


“We’re here for you” Promise

When you call, we answer. When you email we respond within minutes, not days. Plus, an actual golfer will help solve your issues. Not a script reader in a faraway land.


Free Battery Replacement Service

We’re working on batteries that last infinitely… In the meantime, when yours runs out, we’ll send you a new battery anywhere in the world. Just fill out this form.


Best Practice Product Videos

We don’t expect you to be a rangefinder wiz from day one. It’s taken us years. To help, we’ve put together some great videos on how to best use your product. Hint: don’t put your eye to the green end.